Clinical Recommendation Vision Document

A clinical recommendation vision document defines the high-level scope and purpose of a recommendation. It is a clear statement of the clinical problem, the proposed recommendation solution, and higher-level features that establish expectations and reduce risks. This page outlines the typical content of a recommendation vision document. Not all aspects are needed, but it is important to identify potential obstacles before implementing.


  • Health Outcome: A summary of the clinical health outcome produced by the implemented recommendation
  • Problem Statement: A summary of the problem the recommendation solves, the extent or scope of the problem, and benefits of the solution.
  • Clinical Context:  A summary of the context of the recommendation within the health care setting
  • User Environment:  The setting where the recommendation is to be applied


  • Scope:  The limits of applicability of the recommendation
  • Assumptions:  The assumed context of the recommendation
  • Interfaces/Dependencies: The external systems the recommendation is reliant upon or must it interact with
  • Alternatives:   Possible substitute or alternative recommendations to this recommendation

Stakeholders and Users:

  • Stakeholder Roles: Stakeholders with the same responsibilities to the implemented recommendation
  • Stakeholder Types: Stakeholders who share the same characteristics and relationships with the implemented recommendation
  • Stakeholder Representatives: Those stakeholders who play a direct role in the development of the implementation of the recommendation
  • User Roles:  The actors who carry out the recommendation
  • User Types:  Users who share the same characteristics, competencies, goals, and responsibilities

Stakeholder and User Needs:

  • Key Needs: A general description of the central needs of the stakeholders and users that the recommendation addresses


  • Associated Beneficial Services:  The services that are delivered to the users and satisfy the stakeholder and user needs

Other Requirements:

  • Local Constraints: Specific requirements of this recommendation to its implementation
  • Environment Demands: External resources needed to implement the recommendation