Rec similarity

Another interesting question we wish to pursue is whether the similarity (such as cosine) of recommendations can be used to rank them in a guideline. That is, are highly similar recommendations more important than recommendations that are less similar. It would appear be true prima facie, but we wish to verify it and then compare […]

Choosing Wisely

Are Choosing Wisely recommendations appropriate to implement without a complete available context, which is established by relevant metadata, such as the intended audience/user or target audience/population, etc., typically contained in the complete guideline or guideline summary? Should one implement a recommendation with only a partial or incomplete context? In a recent article [Zadro, J.R., Farey, […]

Rec Strength Results

Our work on Recommendation Strength was not conclusive and so we have moved on from it. An interesting concept that has come up is Lexical Density. How do recommendations rank as defined by the number of clinical terms over the total number of terms. This measure could be evaluated as a ratio of the number […]

Recommendation Strength

Recommendation Strength is a critical element to establish the degree to which the recommended action should be followed. We have created a training set that contains a label of recommendation strength (S for Strong or W for Weak) along with the recommendation text. The goal is to be able to judge whether the language used […]