Rec-GL relationship

In looking at the recommendation in the context of a guideline, it appears useful to capture the relations between the two. As the recommendation contains the significant advice from the guideline developers, the guideline contains essential supporting materials. Does the similarity tell us more about the significance of each recommendation? If a recommendation is not […]


We have added a description of cTAKES and how it is used in our development work. Key takeaways are that it is based on a pipeline and that it is especially adapted to clinical NLP. It represents the starting point for Machine Learning but it is an important first step.

CPT Codes

To further the above development, we need to be able to link recommendation text to CPT codes for clinical procedures. A recommendation may have a set of assigned CUI’s, obtained through our above development, so we want to correlate those with CPT codes and determine the best one. We also have a crosswalk in the […]